Strong Magnetic Window Glass Cleaner

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Double-Sided Cleaning Magic:

With dual cleaning action, our tool cleans both sides of your window simultaneously. Save time and effort as you glide the magnetic wiper brush, ensuring crystal-clear windows inside and out.

Sparkling Results Every Time:

Experience streak-free shine with the specially designed microfiber cleaning pads. They effectively remove dirt, grime, and smudges, leaving your windows looking as good as new.


Designed for High-Rise Convenience:

Cleaning tall windows is a breeze with our tool's extendable handle. Safely clean from the comfort of your room without the need for risky maneuvers or precarious positions.

Powerful Magnetic Design:

The Openja Window Glass Cleaning Tool features a strong built-in magnet that securely holds the two cleaning sides together. No more worrying about the tool detaching and falling ā€“ clean with confidence, even on high-rise windows!

Versatile and Easy to Use:

The Openja Window Glass Cleaner isn't just for windows ā€“ it's perfect for cleaning glass surfaces, mirrors, and more! Its intuitive design makes it easy to operate, saving you time and energy.

Durable Build, Long-lasting Performance:

Crafted from high-quality materials, our cleaning tool is built to withstand regular use. You can trust it for years of reliable cleaning performance.

Enjoy the View, Not the Grime:

Transform your living space with crystal-clear windows that let in the light. Elevate your surroundings and enjoy the beauty of a well-maintained space with the Openja Double-Sided Window Glass Cleaning Tool.

Say goodbye to the struggle of reaching those unreachable spots ā€“ our magnetic surface cleaner wiper brush is here to make your windows sparkle like never before.

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