Mini Portable Laptop stand

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No more overheating of laptop

Do you ever feel like your laptop is always heating up a lot ? Well, look nowhere. We have got you covered with mini portable laptop stand.

Ergonomic Design

With ergonomic design, this mini laptop stand can provide you with a comfortable viewing position and operating angle, it can effectively relieve your neck, shoulder, and wrist pain of continuous typing.

Easy to Carry & Use

The stand feet can resist pressure without bending or flexing when you type or play games, and it’s also easy to open and close.

Lightweight design, directly open when in use, and foldable when not in use, very convenient.


Efficient Heat Dissipation

Sloping angle enhances the airflow, makes better heat dissipation, reduces the damage caused by over heat.

The forward-tilt angle and open design offers great ventilation and airflow to prevent your notebook from overheating.

Dimensions & Material

It is made of high-quality lightweight zinc alloy, triangular support makes it more stable. And has rubber pads which secure your laptop in place and prevent unwanted scratches from your laptop.

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