Transparent Spiral Stem Holder

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QUANTITY: Pack of 2 (1 big + 1 small)
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🌸 Keep Your Bouquets Beautiful with the Spiral Stem Holder! 🌸

🌀 Spiral Design: Ensures a secure, stylish hold for any flower stem.

🌿 Versatile: Adapts to various stem sizes, perfect for all floral arrangements.

💧 Enhanced Water Flow: Optimized design for better hydration, keeping flowers fresher longer.

🛡️ Sturdy and Reliable: High-quality materials provide stability and support.

💧 Waterproof: Works seamlessly with water-filled vases, keeping flowers fresh.

🏡 Perfect for Decor: Elegant and discreet, enhances your home aesthetics without overpowering.

ğŸŽ Ideal for Any Occasion: Great for decorating or as a gift for flower enthusiasts.

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