Toilet Cleaner & Deodorant

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Size: 5 pieces
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🧺 Fresh and Clean Toilet Every Day

Keep your bathroom fresh and clean with our toilet hanging basket! Enjoy ultimate freshness in your bathroom with our hanging basket.

🌬️ Odor-Free Bathroom🚽

Say goodbye to bad odors with our deodorization artifact. Transform your bathroom into an odor-free haven with our deodorizer.

🦠 Bacteria-Free Zone🛡️

Maintain a germ-free bathroom with our bacteria stasis feature. Create a protective barrier against germs and bacteria with our innovative product.

✨ Simple and Quick Setup! 🪛

Set up is a breeze - just hang the toilet block and experience instant cleanliness. This toilet hanging basket makes your cleaning routine hassle-free and convenient.

💧 Long-Lasting Freshness! 🕒

Experience long-lasting freshness with just one use. Keep your bathroom smelling fresh and inviting all day long with natural fragrance.

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