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Unleash the power of play-based learning and watch your child's imagination flourish with our 3D Wooden Magnetic Tangram Puzzle Book. 

Educational and Entertaining:

Learning becomes an adventure with our 3D Wooden Magnetic Tangram Puzzle Book. As your child plays with these interactive puzzles, they'll develop critical thinking abilities, spatial awareness, and a deep understanding of geometric shapes—all while having a blast.

Immersive 3D Experience:

Each puzzle piece is crafted with precision from high-quality wood and adorned with magnetic attachments, allowing your child to build 3D shapes and patterns. Watch as they transform flat shapes into captivating structures, enhancing their cognitive development and creativity.

Variety of Challenges:

This puzzle book contains a diverse range of challenges, from simple patterns for beginners to complex constructions for more advanced players. It grows with your child, adapting to their skill level and keeping them engaged as they progress.

Hands-On Learning:

Tangram puzzles offer a hands-on learning experience that enhances fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Children will relish the tactile sensation of handling wooden pieces and arranging them to create different forms.

Safe and Durable:

Crafted from non-toxic, child-safe materials, this puzzle book prioritizes your child's safety. The wooden pieces are sturdy and built to withstand countless hours of play, ensuring long-lasting educational fun.

Portable and Compact:

Whether at home, on a road trip, or during playdates, our 3D Wooden Magnetic Tangram Puzzle Book is portable and easy to carry. It's the perfect companion for keeping your child engaged and learning while on the go.

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