Premium Quality Flexible Door Bottom Sealing Strip

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Sound-Proof Reduce Noise Energy Saving Vinyl Weather Stripping Under Door Twin Draft Stopper

  • Door Bottom Seal Strip is structured with 2 jumbo-sized foam tubes with a center slot, flexibly sealing any door/window gaps to guard against door drafts, odors, dust, noise & insects like cockroaches; also block out under-door light as well.

  • Made of high-quality material, durable and easy to clean
    • Excellent Noise Reduction
      Structured with thick foam to cut the noise away, creating a quiet, cozy environment for better sleeping quality or working efficiency.

    Ideal to solve various problems:

    ✅Cannot keep your room cool in Summer❄️ & warm in Winter🔥

    ✅Dust accumulates at the door bottom💨

    ✅Outside noise reduces your sleep quality💤

    ✅Your floor usually gets soaked after heavy rains/ strong winds 💦

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